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Anatomy of a Personal Injury Claim

Anatomy of a Personal Injury Claim

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Guidance and Determination for Personal Injury Justice—All You Need to Get Your Life Back in Order

One moment is all it takes to plunge your future and your family’s future into a nightmare of uncertainty. A perfect stranger’s mishap could be enough to put your entire family at risk for serious injuries and substantial financial loss. From excessive pain to medical bills and lost wages, a single injury can have a monumental effect on your entire life—not to mention your family’s lives—all because of someone else’s poor decision.

If you or your family members have suffered as a result of the carelessness of another, you should not have to bear the consequences of his actions. Instead, you deserve reliable helping hands to support you in your recovery and to aid in restoring your family’s future.

With over a century’s worth of combined experience and knowledge, the attorneys at the Morris James Personal Injury Group are exactly the hands you need.

Reaching Out to Help You With All of Your

Personal Injury Needs In Delaware

We start with a simple yet alarming fact: no one can predict when or how an accident will occur. One day you could have your life perfectly planned out, the next you could be in a hospital room wondering how you’ll pay your medical bills…let alone your mortgage. What makes these situations even worse is when the insurance coverage that was meant to protect you is suddenly being denied or delayed, for no good reason.

No matter the circumstances of an accident—car collision or a work injury—we’re prepared to fight and use our vast skills to ensure the outcome is fair. In fact, each one of the attorneys in the Morris James Personal Injury Group has unique abilities and insight into various personal injury fields, which allow us to work well together while improving your odds of success. These fields include:

  • Auto Accidents. Any type of injury that was caused by a negligent driver, including fender-benders, veering accidents, drunk driving collisions, etc.
  • Trucking Accidents. Damage (physical injury or property damage) caused by a commercial truck, semi-, or tractor-trailer. This includes rear-end collisions, underride accidents, and rollovers.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Claims that involve injury to a motorcyclist by the fault of another person, or because of defective motorcycle repairs or parts.
  • Workers’ Compensation. Cases that involve injuries caused by work equipment or working conditions.
  • Product Liability. Claims that involve injuries caused by defective products and consumer goods.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents. Also called premises liability cases, these involve injuries caused by poor maintenance of sidewalks, floors, stairs, and other areas people travel.
  • Wrongful Death. Claims where any of the above circumstances resulted in the passing of a loved one.

High Values Secure Success:

More Reasons Why Morris James Is the Firm Hand You Need

After suffering a catastrophic accident, victims do not deserve to be treated with indifference or disrespect, especially from their own insurance companies. In fact, they deserve the exact opposite. That is why the Morris James team has spent their entire careers working with victims of personal injury and insurance companies to secure fair monetary settlements. We have spent decades honing our skills and learning how to improve our tactics in order to assure our clients’ success. A few strengths we’ve developed over the years and strive to apply to every single one of our clients’ cases are:

  • We legitimately care about your future and how we can help you get your life back in order. Your case isn’t just a folder to us—it’s your future, and we don’t take that lightly
  • We take the time to make sure you completely understand the impact of your case and what to expect.
  • Our core values stem from mutual respect, honesty, and the desire to see justice done.
  • We have over 150 years of combined attorney experience from which we have forged unique skills in our fields. However, we also depend on one another for input when it may mean getting a better outcome for your case.
  • We’re not afraid to take your case to court and respectfully fight for what you are due.
  • We focus on helping you plan prudently for your life after your recovery. We fight to make sure you and your family have the financial coverage and support you need to overcome your setbacks and give you peace of mind for your future.

There is no need for you and your family to suffer the anxiety of an uncertain future. Reach out to one of our six locations to get the helping hand you need. You deserve the peace of mind and assurance that comes with knowing Morris James is on your side. Contact our Delaware personal injury attorneys today, or schedule a free consultation by filling out our contact form. Remember, your future is in your hands; reach out to get the support you and they need. Call now!

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The most difficult injuries are the one's that cannot be seen. Personal Injury Attorney, Susan Ament understands the struggle of living with this injury and the staff is ready to help when you need it most.


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