Stairway Defects

Stairways are a convenient and efficient way for people to travel between floors in homes, businesses, and other types of building. Like any other part of a structure, in order for stairways to work properly and safely, they must be well designed, constructed, and maintained. If these requirements are not met, stairways can pose a significant risk of injury to those who use them.

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Common Stairway Defects

Stairways can deteriorate over time from wear and tear, termites, and other forms of damage. If a property owner fails to make repairs on his or her stairways, guests or patrons could suffer a serious injury. Common stairway defects include the following:

  • Missing or rotten floorboards
  • Dangerously steep stairs
  • Missing or damaged handrails

These are only a few of the many potential stairway defects that could potentially cause a serious injury.

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