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The ease with which a single negligent act committed by another party can result in serious injury to you or someone you love can be unnerving. An incautious driver, an inattentive factory worker, or anyone else that you encounter during the course of your day might have a dramatic impact on your life. Broken bones and scarring can be especially problematic. While many people will suffer a fracture or develop a scar at some point in their lives, that does not mean that they are harmless injuries.

Depending upon the severity of your injury and the circumstances that led to it, it may be appropriate to consider filing a civil claim seeking financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Contact the Delaware injury lawyers of Morris James Personal Injury Group at 302-655-2599 to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about your potential case.

The Effects of Fractures and Scars

The following are some of the complications associated with broken bones and scarring:

  • Severe and lasting pain
  • Impaired motion
  • Risk of infection, blood clots, and other dangers
  • Becoming socially withdrawn
  • Being rendered unable to work temporarily or permanently
  • Needing plastic surgery to repair excessive scarring

While many fractured bones heal without incident and permit a person to regain full physical capacity, this is not always the case. Moreover, during the recovery period an individual may be unable to participate in important activities or to fulfill his or her job responsibilities. Scars may a negative impact on one’s self-esteem or result in permanent disfigurement.

No one should have to suffer consequences like these due to another party’s negligence. Our Delaware broken bone injury attorneys work hard to help injury victims seek the full compensation they deserve.

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