Delaware Defective Child Car Seat Attorneys

There have been a number of important breakthroughs in vehicular safety over the past fifty years that have helped save lives and prevent injuries. One such tool for accident prevention is the child car seat. Sadly, as with all manufactured goods, it is possible for a product defect to exist, leading to child car seats that cause accidents instead of prevent them.

If your family has been affected by a child seat defect, it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. Having the support of an experienced legal professional can help you move forward during this difficult time. Contact the compassionate Delaware personal injury lawyers of Morris James, LLP, today at 302-655-2599 to learn more about your options from an experienced legal professional.

Causes of Defective Car Seats

The Personal Injury Practice Group with Morris James, LLP, has experience representing a variety of clients negatively impacted by product defects. Car seat defects can prove particularly harmful, as they affect vulnerable young children. Some of the most common reasons a child safety seat defect can occur include:

  • Manufacturing negligence
  • Use of defective or poor quality materials
  • Negligent design practices
  • Improper shipping or transport

It is imperative that those responsible for car seat defects are held accountable for the damage they have caused. An experienced attorney can help you fight back against the negligent parties who have harmed your family.

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If your child has been harmed in a car seat accident influenced by manufacturer negligence, you have a right to seek justice. Contact a Delaware auto defect attorney with Morris James, LLP, today at 302-655-2599 to discuss the facts of your case.