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From minor aches and pains to severe illness or chronic disease, modern pharmaceutical products can help patients to deal with all manner of medical problems. While these medications can be tremendously helpful when properly made, stored, and transported, failures at any stage of this process can lead to undesirable complications. If other substances are introduced or environmental conditions are not ideal, a drug may become contaminated, rendering it ineffective or even dangerous.

If you have suffered adverse health effects due to the use of a contaminated pharmaceutical product, you may be able to pursue a civil action against the drug manufacturer. A successful lawsuit can help you to gain the financial compensation that you are rightfully due. Contact the Delaware product liability lawyer at Morris James Personal Injury Group today by calling 302-655-2599 to speak with a skilled and dedicated attorney about your case.

Effects of Contaminated Drugs

Drug contamination is often a consequence of cost saving measures and it can have unexpected, terrible consequences. The mixtures in medication are chemically potent and highly specific, so any thing that alters their chemical composition is potentially hazardous. The consequences of drug contamination might include:

  • The development of a new illness
  • The failure to resolve the condition that the medication was intended to treat
  • Allergic reactions
  • Internal organ failure
  • Poisoning

The pharmaceutical company responsible for creating a contaminated drug must be held accountable for the harm that its negligence has caused. An experienced Delaware drug contamination lawyer can help you to pursue the matter through the civil justice system.

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