Delaware False Claims Attorney

Patients with health issues rely on prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals to help them heal or maintain a stable level of health. When taking medication with the hope that it will improve or regulate a person’s health, there is an assumption that the medication works as advertised or promised. Frustratingly, though, this level of trust could be easily exploited by a dishonest pharmaceutical company if they make false claims regarding the product.

If you or someone you love has suffered because of misleading information about a drug, you may be entitled to compensation for any pain and suffering that result. At Morris James Personal Injury Group, our Delaware injury lawyers know what it takes to hold companies responsible. Let us help you fight back against the pharmaceutical company at fault for your situation.

False Claim Repercussions

There are very specific laws that regulate exactly what drug companies can claim about the performance of their products and medications. Patients and doctors both take for granted that pharmaceutical companies are honest and law-abiding. As a result, false claims can lead to damages such as:

  • Needless prescription expenses
  • The cost of repeated doctor’s appointments
  • Time and expense of treating the patient’s underlying condition
  • Unexpected harmful side effects such as heart damage or suicidal tendencies

Any harm done by false claims can cause serious health problems and cost you time and money. Let our Delaware false claims attorneys help you.

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Pharmaceutical giants have the power and resources to defend themselves, so this type of law requires an aggressive law firm. If you have been harmed by a pharmaceutical company’s wrongful promises or misleading advertising, contact us today to get in touch with a tenacious Delaware product liability lawyer at Morris James Personal Injury Group.