What Are The Laws When There Are Objects on Roadway in Delaware

As a driver on a public roadway, you have a right to expect that the municipal property you are making use of will be maintained with your safety in mind. This includes keeping the roadway free of dangerous debris and objects which can pose a threat to you and others on the road. When this does not occur, innocent motorists and passengers are likely to suffer harm.

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The Danger of Highway Debris

As experienced highway defect accident attorneys, we understand how painful a car accident can be. If you are exposed to objects in the road while driving at high speeds, the accident that may result can be devastating. Some of the objects that can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones include the following:

  • Lightweight objects that can fly up and obstruct your view
  • Sharp objects that can damage your tires or cause a tire blowout
  • Heavy objects that can break your windshield, damage the front of your car, or even cause you to lose control of your vehicle
  • Small objects that can be sucked into your engine or trapped under your vehicle

Whether the object that posed a threat was a result of individual negligence, construction negligence, or something else, it is important that you have support as you seek compensation from those responsible for your accident and suffering.

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