Delaware Rollover Accident Laws & Information

Severe motor vehicle accidents can produce substantial injuries, and may permanently affect a person’s quality of life. Rollover accidents are especially problematic, not only because they tend to involve a more complicated mix of physical forces, but also because the emphasis in automobile safety and design has been placed on addressing threats from the front, rear, and sides of a vehicle. Sadly, safeguards for the roof are much less common.

Rollover accidents may be caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another driver or the negligence of a carmaker. If you have been hurt in such a crash, we can help you to pursue the financial compensation that you are rightfully due. Contact a Delaware car accident lawyer of Morris James Personal Injury Group at 302-655-2599.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

There is nothing that could have prepared you for the moment when your vehicle left the ground. A properly functioning seatbelt may have helped to keep you in place when your car flipped upside down, but inadequate roof supports may have caused the roof of your vehicle to collapse inward, creating a needless additional danger. The following are some of the possible causes of a rollover accident:

  • Defective tires (blowouts, shredding, other failures)
  • Objects in the roadway
  • Uneven road surface
  • Unabated side impacts
  • Collisions with vehicles which ride lower and can get underneath your own

Determining what led to your crash is essential to identifying the party or parties which may be legally liable for damages. Our Delaware rollover accident attorneys can help you determine the causes of your accident and the parties who may have contributed to it.

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