Supersport Motorcycles: Risks and Dangers

Motorcycle riders tend to be well aware that, in general, this form of transportation carries more risk than traveling by car. Even the most safety-conscious motorcyclists are at greater risk due to the open nature of the motorcycle and the lack of safety devices. However, in recent years, supersport bikes have become more popular than ever, and these motorcycles tend to be more dangerous for motorcyclists than any other bikes.

About Supersport Bikes

These bikes are closely related to the bikes used for track racing. They tend to be fairly small and light for all the power they have, which allows them to travel at great speeds and navigate turns with amazing agility. Therefore, some riders are tempted to explore their bike’s elite performance abilities on the open road. Of course, not all accidents on supersport bikes are caused by driver error.

Consequences of Supersport Accidents

Although there has been a huge increase in the popularity of these bikes in recent years, they still make up only 10% of registered U.S. motorcycles. However, they are involved in 25% of all motorcycle fatalities. Individuals involved in supersport motorcycle accidents may also suffer:

  • Bruising, bleeding, and road rash
  • Broken bones
  • Lost limbs
  • Internal injuries
  • Back or neck injuries that could lead to partial or full paralysis
  • Head injuries, which could have a variety of temporary or lasting effects

Any of these injuries could cause ongoing mental, emotional, and financial trouble, on top of physical suffering.

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