Personal Injury Statistics and What They Mean for Your Case

Sometimes raw information about your personal injury case can be a little too overwhelming and hard to understand. At the same time, you need to be able to understand the details of what you went through and what the future may hold. In our blog articles, the Morris James Personal Injury Group gives you context for all the statistics you encounter and outlines controversies that may be relevant to your case. You need to learn this to prepare for the fight ahead.

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  • Chest Pain After Car Crash Chest pain after a car accident may indicate a serious injury. Hurt in a crash caused by someone else's negligence? You may be entitled to damages.
  • Head-On Collisions Head-on collisions can be devastating. If you were injured in a head-on car crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Here's what you need to know.
  • Car Accident Related Infections In some cases, car accident injuries can develop complications, such as infections. If your car accident injury became infected, here's what you should know.
  • About T-Bone Crashes T-bone car accident victims can sustain serious injuries and other losses. Learn more about T-bone crashes and how to get help after an accident in Delaware.
  • About Rear End Car Crashes If you were hurt in a rear-end accident, you may be eligible to seek compensation. Contact our car accident injury lawyers today.
  • Protecting Kids After Car Crashes in Wilmington DE Car accidents can be very traumatic for adults and even more so for children. Was your child injured in an accident in Delaware? Find out how to get help.
  • Delaware Minimum Car Insurance Requirements Delaware requires motorists to carry insurance to cover expenses they cause others if they cause an accident. Learn about Delaware insurance minimums here.
  • Common T-Bone Accident Injuries T-bone or side-impact crashes can result in serious injuries and even death. Learn about the most common types of injuries caused by T-bone accidents here.
  • Drowsy Driving Statistics & Car Accidents in Delaware Drowsy driving is a big problem in Delaware and across the country. Learn more about drowsy driving in DE and what to do if you were hurt in an accident.
  • Negotiating With an Insurance Adjuster in Wilmington DE Crash victims may wonder if they can negotiate with an insurance adjuster to settle their own claim. While possible, it's rarely in the victim's best interest.