Automaker giant balks at federal request to recall 2.7 million SUVs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) request to recall 2.7 million SUVs with a design defect was strongly resisted by Chrysler on June 4.

The NHTSA claimed that the gas tank located at the back of the rear axle was the cause of several serious car accidents; however, according to Chrysler, this is a common and widely accepted design that can be found in many vehicles.

The gas tanks that were claimed to be unsafe can be found in Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993-2004 models and Jeep Liberty 2002-2007 models. In a letter sent to the NHTSA, Clarence Ditlow said Chrysler should be ordered to undergo mandatory safety recall and to design an effective remedy to prevent more deaths caused by car accidents and fires.

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