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Case Story of Larry S.

While many motor vehicle accidents are of the rear-end variety, some accidents happen in unusual ways. One such accident was so unique, it is hard to imagine ever seeing one like it again. One afternoon Larry S. was leaving a convenience store parking lot, waiting for traffic to pass so he could make a right onto the highway. As he looked to his left for oncoming traffic, he saw a truck approaching. Just as the truck was rounding the bend, Larry heard and felt loud explosions, and suddenly his windshield was awash with an orange liquid. In reacting to the explosions, Larry yanked his steering wheel to the right striking a curb.

The cause of the explosions? The passing truck was a beverage truck, with a cargo door that was negligently left open. Like missiles, two orange soda bottles came flying off the truck and exploded upon striking Larry's vehicle. Unfortunately for Larry, his efforts to evade the mystery explosions caused a significant injury to his right shoulder. He ended up having surgery on his shoulder, followed by a very painful rehabilitation. The good news is that the surgery ultimately accomplished its objective. While his range of motion is somewhat restricted, Larry is no longer in pain.

The beverage company was found to be in violation of a Delaware law requiring a vehicle's contents to be secured so as to prevent them from escaping from the vehicle. The lawsuit against the beverage company was ultimately resolved through mediation, compensating Larry for his pain and suffering.

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