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September 17, 2015

Every month, or every year, you dutifully submit your car insurance premium payments to your insurance company to prepare for an accident that you hope will never come to pass. You do so with the expectation that when it becomes necessary to seek benefit payments for vehicle repairs, medical bills, or other crash-related needs that you will be able to file a claim without objection or resistance.

Unfortunately, as you may have now discovered, this is not always the case. Insurance companies will often look for any reason they can find to dismiss a claim or to minimize the benefits issued on a policy. If you need assistance with a disputed or delayed insurance claim, contact the auto accident lawyers of Morris James at 302-655-2599.

Sources of Contention

There is a fundamental conflict of interest in the structure of the auto insurance industry. Insurance companies generate their profits by collecting as much in premiums as possible, investing that revenue, and in limiting the claims that it issues payment for. Policyholders, therefore, are paying for a service that the insurance company has a significant incentive to avoid providing.

The following are some of the ways that they may try to undercut your claim:

  • Asserting that you are at fault or that there are other circumstances that bear against you
  • Wrongly asserting that your policy does not contain coverage for the damage provided
  • Intentionally offering a deficient settlement
  • Insurance fraud, which can take on a number of forms

While insurance companies are entitled to a certain degree of discretion when evaluating a claim that is received, they are legally bound to comply with the contract terms contained in your policy. If your insurance company is reluctant to approve your claim or seems to insist on a settlement that is insufficient to meet your needs, a skilled and experienced Delaware auto insurance claim attorney can help you to hold them to their word.

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Let us assist you in your effort to hold your insurance company to its contractually established responsibilities. Contact the personal injury attorneys of Morris James at 302-655-2599.


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