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September 18, 2015

Delaware Mechanical Defect Attorneys

Drivers face many potential dangers on the road. While your own driving behaviors will certainly have an effect on your roadway safety, there are other factors that are wholly beyond your control. Automobile mechanical defects and malfunctions are perhaps the most troubling of these hazards because they strike without warning, and when it may be too late to prevent an accident.

Still more alarming than this is the fact that the problems could have been eliminated altogether had a car manufacturer or part maker exercised greater discretion and responsibility. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by a carmaker’s negligence, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. Contact the Delaware injury attorneys of Morris James Personal Injury Group at 302-655-2599.

Commonly Encountered Defects

Although a driver’s interaction with a car may be limited to only a handful of different systems and parts, modern automobiles are incredibly complex machines. The following are some of the defects and malfunctions that could endanger the welfare of a vehicle’s occupants, though there are potentially many more:

  • Seat Belt Injuries

Ideally, all the various parts and systems will perform as designed and intended, but when they fail to do so the consequences can be devastating. If you or a member of your family has been harmed by a defective automobile, our Delaware auto defect lawyers may be able to help.

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Negligent automobile manufacturers must be held accountable for the harm that they cause. Let us help you pursue the financial compensation that you are rightfully owed for damages associated with your motor vehicle accident. Contact the Delaware car accident lawyers of Morris James Personal Injury Group at 302-655-2599.

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