A Call for Help with a Workers Compensation Claim

Hurt At Work

What happened is initially I had an injury at work.  I was working with my employer going through the process for workers comp now with the injury. When I got hurt later on, the insurance company for workers comp, the communications broke down I didn't know which direction to take, how to get the proper care that I needed. After preparing for a second surgery after the first one, they didn't understand my language, my frustrations increased. I was feeling almost helpless at some point in time and I realized I needed someone to help me, someone that could speak the language that the insurance companies would understand. This led me to believe that I needed to seek the assistance of someone that specialized in the area of helping people that have been injured on the job and that's how I met with Susan here at Morris James. I called my attorneys that I used for other things but that did not suffice.


Here's How It Happened To Me

In the month of June I was at work as a registered nurse and a director now at this point. I was at the station and I went to push back from the nurse's station to get up from the desk there and when I pushed back the chair fell back and toppled over. At that point I put my hand up to try to break a fall but there was nothing there but the floor. When I landed on the floor consequently I broke my wrist. I went off to the emergency medical center to receive some initial care and got a temporary casting. Then I had to go and see the orthopedic specialist and prepare for a surgery.  I went to the surgeon, we scheduled for surgery.  I had the first initial surgery and then I was off from work over the course of time.  I continue to have pain, and numbness.  I continued to not be able to utilize it at full capacity prior to my injury. This went on for months and months and about ten months and I kept going back to the orthopedics. There was something wrong still, there's hand numbness I said, please help. I asked what I should do to the insurance company. When I talked to them about it and said I wanted to get a second opinion I was shut down and they clammed up. They would not return my calls. Something was off initially, it took them quite a while to even get me any type of compensation for being off work. Then after I got to the point where I was going to be scheduled for a second surgery it took them six months before they were able to issue any type of payment.  I was very distraught and frustrated because I was continuing to work for ten months with pain every day in my hand and I couldn't have the flexibility that I've had prior. When I met with Susan and came to Morris James she had helped me to find a surgeon for a second opinion. I went to the meet with the surgeon and they performed an exam, and their assessment and x-rays had found out that the plate in my wrist that had been put in by the first surgeon was actually coming apart from the bone.  The screws had come loose and they were coming too loose consequently. I was experiencing pain in addition to the nerve pain damage over the 10 month period that I've been complaining. The second surgery was scheduled and started back to therapy. I  started talking with Susan again I was having just a really difficult time with my employers wanting me to come back to work. I got really frustrated because I had worked over the period of time with this infirmity and the injury. I just got to a point where it was like they don't care, somebody doesn't care about me,  but Susan was able to refer me and to help me to get the care and treatment that I needed. As a result of that I was able to start rebuilding my physical strength and personally started to get my confidence back in being able to perform my duties right.


Overcoming Frustrations and Obstacles 


I'm doing my work now and I've overcome the frustration of the obstacles. I'm doing really well right now and Susan was a great part of helping me, and encouraging me to continue on knowing that I would be able to move forward past this so that I could go and be productive. The first thing that I would tell anybody that is injured in any particular situation is often times during the injury we are sometimes shattered with our emotions or our thought process may be shattered, sometimes we cannot clearly think for ourselves the way that we normally would prior to the injury.  We need to have someone as well-versed in the situation, someone that can speak up for us and someone that represents our well-being in our interests. One of the things I will tell you is this: immediately go and see a legal representative that can provide direction for you, someone that's able to talk the lingo of the employer’s insurance companies. Someone that's able to help you because we can't do it on our own, you need somebody to speak for you and  you need somebody to direct you. You need somebody to keep the record straight so that all of the details are accounted for when it's time to go against the people that are not offering you the support. I’m happy to say I found that with Susan Ament at Morris James.