Morris James helps when Workman Comp Claim Gets Complicated with an Auto Accident

Originally I was involved in a very serious work accident.  That accident affected my cervical spine and we made a claim with the insurance company. You know to go ahead and take care of all the medical expenses and we thought everything was fine. We didn't retain any attorneys through that portion of the time frame but I was also involved in an automobile accident a few weeks later.  Of course the insurance company dropped me from the workman's comp case. Unfortunately I needed multiple surgeries in order to correct the injuries and we were stuck. There was nothing that we could do to get the insurance company to acknowledge that the injuries were a result of the work accident and not the automobile accident so our claim was a little bit more complex than the normal workman's comp or auto accident. They were actually combined so we called Morris James and we talked to Susan Ament and also Kevin Healy.

Susan Ament is a workman's comp attorney, Kevin Healy handled the automobile accident. In conjunction with both of them working on two separate cases and trying to clearly define what injuries were caused by what accident, which was which made a case complex. Our workman's comp carrier reinstated our claim within two weeks so we were relieved I could now get two surgeries that I needed. There was no more concern about what insurance company was going to deny what treatments I needed and what insurance company was going to go ahead and and pay for the damages at work. They paid for the procedures that I needed I can say that the system is so complex working with insurance companies, you think everything's going okay, they talk to you very nice on the phone, unfortunately that's not what really happened.

Without an attorney on your side to navigate the complexity of the insurance industry it’s so difficult. With professionals they definitely will not try to take advantage of you because the professionals know what your rights are and we as layman's don't know. Working with Susan and Kevin, it was like an extension of your family whenever you're involved in any accident or work-related accident automobile or any type of serious situation your family surround you and try to protect you and that's how we felt with Susan and Kevin and the whole team that Morris James. Without them I don't know where I would be today. I wouldn’t have gotten the surgeries I needed in a timely matter. They reached out to me within hours of email responses, even on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 o'clock at night, they were on top of everything. The important thing is is that they explained the case in my language which is what we all need, we don't need to understand all the legal terminology, we just need it explained to us in the way that we can understand.

For us, me and my wife, that was one of the most important aspects. Well whenever one of us have an injured family member we're all worried about their well-being. You're so concerned about the underlying injury to make sure that you get the proper treatment, you worried about your job,  you're worried about you know a million things. I can say without legal representation, in any automobile accident, workman's comp accident or anything of that nature without the expertise of legal counsel you don't know your rights. You don't know that an employer cannot fire you because of the workman's comp claim. You don't know that there are certain time limits for your claim that may run out, when it runs out then you can never move into the future time to get additional surgeries if needed or additional care.

We all know that once the accident happens the pain sometimes doesn't show itself for years and without knowing your legal rights for the statutes of time limits and what doctors are in the plan for your comp carrier or can you take this particular injury to another state with better professionals in the area of your injury. Without the attorneys you have no idea what you can and cannot do. The last thing you want to do is make a decision on your own and find out that now you're responsible for all those bills. I can say without legal representation it's navigating in the blind and it's a very dangerous thing.

I know there's fears about hiring an attorney but I can say it's an absolute necessity without!