A Story About How Morris James Helped Car Accident Victim

I was sitting at a red light at route 273 I didn't even know what happened. I woke up and cars were going around me, before I knew it I was getting rushed to Christiana Hospital. After the accident I had a severe concussion a bruised brain stem, loss of vision and that's when I decided to get an attorney to help. The best thing out of this is that you find out how kind people are. I didn't have a ride to John Hopkins so Kevin picked me up at my house and took me over there.  How many people would do that? I don't know any lawyer that would do that to help someone out.  I think that started building more momentum for me to get better.

I went into mediation and kevin was right there making sure everything was done right.  I felt very comfortable and Kevin's firm did a lot for me. When he got this, he did it because he had a heart and he saw I was hurting. I didn't have help,  because you can get someone help but getting the right help is hard. You have to know what type of injuries you have and Kevin realized what I needed help with and it made a big difference.